Help Gelato Support Greg Browning in His Fight Against ALS

By purchasing GEEBS x Gelato products you can join the fight against ALS. Proceeds will go towards Geebs and ALS awareness.

Greg's Story

Pro surfer Greg Browning, renowned for his incredible skills and passion for cinematography, and riding waves, has recently been facing a challenging battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Despite the adversity, Greg's resilience and determination continue to inspire many in the surfing community and beyond. Gelato has stepped up in a commendable display of altruism to support Greg. Gelato recognizes the potential benefits of cannabis in alleviating symptoms associated with ALS, offering a medicinal alternative to help cope with the challenges of the condition. This collaboration not only showcases the power of community support but also highlights the role of innovative solutions, such as cannabis, in contributing to the well-being of individuals facing health struggles like ALS. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Geebs and ALS awareness.